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Drip: IE Leak Detector

Today I stumbled upon this handy tool called ‘Drip’, it is an Internet Explorer leak detector, used for debugging and testing for memory leaks in Internet Explorer (for Windows)

Over the last few months, a number of people have written to me or left comments asking questions about their memory leak issues with DHTML (or AJAX or “whatever you want to call it this week”) applications. Unfortunately, there’s not much I could offer in the way of advice that most people don’t already know. Get rid of closures, unhook your event handlers, etc. This advice just isn’t all that helpful when you’ve got a giant mess of JavaScript (often inherited) and visually detecting leak scenarios can be maddeningly subtle.

UPDATE: OutOfHanwell.com took the initiative to host Drip (a memory leak detector for Internet Explorer) after it was no longer unavailable through Joel Webber’s blog.

Drip: IE Leak Detector

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  1. John Parker Says:

    Do you know where I can download the Drip software? The website link no longer works.

  2. Fini Alring Says:

    Hi john, I scanned the net and could not find it anymore, everybody seems to be pointing to the (now) dead link. I added a note, asking for a new link, so you might want to check back here in a while.

  3. OutOfHanwell.com Says:

    Fini Alring, Drip 0.2 can be downloaded from: http://www.outofhanwell.com/ieleak/

  4. Fini Alring Says:

    Thanks OutOfHanwell.com!! 😉

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