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Archive for June 21st, 2005

JavaScript – The past and beyond

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Brendan Eich writes about JavaScript and it’s future especially concerning JS 2.x.

Brendan writes “With DHTML and AJAX
hot (or hot again; we’ve been here before, and I don’t like either acronym), I am asked frequently these days about JavaScript, past and future. In spite of the fact that JS was misnamed (I will call it JS in the rest of this entry), standardized prematurely, then ignored and stagnated during most of its life, its primitives are strong enough that whole ecologies of toolkit and web-app code have emerged on top of it. (I don’t agree with everything Doug Crockford writes at the last two links, but most of his arrows hit their targets.)

* Brendan’s Roadmap Updates: JavaScript 1, 2, and in between

Major Blow to Opponents of Software Patents in EU

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

/. Sanity writes “According to a FFII report, and a Financial Times article, proponents of software patents have just won a significant victory against smaller software companies and open source software proponents as the EU’s legal affairs committee rejected most of the effective amendments that were proposed to the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive, which is widely perceived to usher-in U.S.-style software patents in the EU. All is not yet lost as the rejected amendments can be re-tabled when the entire European Parliament has the opportunity to vote next month. If you value the freedom to code without worrying about getting sued, and you live in the EU, now is the time to take effective action.” And JasonFleischer writes Richard Stallman has a piece in The Guardian
which does a nice job of explaining the problems with the EU patent directive that will be voted on next month (and for that matter software patents in general), using literary examples.”

* Major blow to opponents of Software Patents in EU – Ian Clarke’s blog

OpenUsability and KDE working on KPDF

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

sultanoslack writes “More from the world of usability in KDE — there’s an interview up where Albert Astals Cid, the KPDF maintainer, and Florian Grässle, a usability engineer from OpenUsability on working together to make KPDF more usable and some of the challenges in working together in a developer / usability engineer team. We’ve been seeing more from the OpenUsability folks lately, and they’ll also be present doing a talk and staffing a booth this week at LinuxTag, Europe’s largest Open Source conference.” This interview-with-screenshots provides a neat look at the interaction of usability concerns and software development.

* Slashdot | OpenUsability and KDE: Cooperating on KPDF