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Archive for June 28th, 2005

Space Ring Could Combat Global Warming

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

/. telstar writes “Though the debate continues around global warming, a new proposal suggests building an artificial space ring around the Earth to block the light of the sun and bring a balance to solar radiation, cloud cover, and heat-trapping greenhouse gases. The ring could be comprised of particles which would scatter the sunlight, or be built by an interconnected ring of spaceships aligned to block the light. The former proposal is estimated to cost anywhere from $6 trillion to $200 trillion dollars, while the spaceship solution would run approximately $500 billion. Halo fans rejoice.”

* Slashdot | Space Ring Could Combat Global Warming

Carter Copter Breaks Mu-1 Barrier

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

tyler_larson writes “Just over a week ago, Jay Carter’s CarterCopter
managed to break a significant rotorcraft barrier, traveling at a mu ratio of 1. This 1-to-1 ratio (sometimes called the mu-1 barrier) represents a condition where the forward speed of the craft is the same as the speed of the tip of the rotor. This means that at a certain point, the tip of the retreating blade is “standing still” relative to the wind and producing no lift, while the rest of the blade is actually moving backwards through the air. Such a condition is normally impossible for a rotorcraft, and so the forward speed of a helicopter is limited by the the speed of the rotors. This accomplishment by the CarterCopter, which some insisted couldn’t be done, proves that this new craft is not subject to that limitation.”

* Slashdot | Carter Copter Breaks Mu-1 Barrier

The Ham and Spam of Weblogs

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

An anonymous Slashdot reader submits “Will the blogosphere become just as spammy as Usenet? There may be over 10M weblogs out there, most of them seem to be fake spam blogs created to manipulate the search engines. Scott Johnson, CTO at Feedster, complained that “at times we see upwards of 90% of the traffic from Blogspot being spam,” and the problem is likely to only get worse. Can blog search engines like Technorati, Feedster, and PubSub filter the signal from the torrent of noise? Or will we have to seek new approaches such as the social filtering used by Del.icio.us or collaborative filtering used by Findory to separate the ham from the spam?”

Slashdot | The Ham and Spam of Weblogs

Ars’s Skeptical Take on Wired’s NextFest

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

/. jamestech writes “Over the weekend, Wired magazine held its ‘NextFest‘ in Chicago, a demonstration of what the future supposedly holds. Arstechnica‘s Hannibal visited NextFest, and was not impressed.

Regarding a dolphin-shaped water vehicle and exoskeletons for the old, he notes, ‘if you’re being pursued by a senior citizen then you can use the dolphin to escape.’ Wired’s been more about style rather than tech since the late 90s, but have they finally dropped science in favor of science fiction?”

* Slashdot | Ars’s Skeptical Take on Wired’s NextFest