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One Year Birthday

I just noticed my blog has turned one year old, hurray! Well I guess it’s time to think about the past year, and try to re-think my intentions and goals of the blog…

Originally the blog was intended to be non-personal, because I wanted to get co-writers to join in. But I decided to keep it personal with the option of spawning new blogs in the future with other people.

I wanted to share the great stuff I find on the net, and after years of hesitating I finally created this blog as a platform for that goal, and as such I have succeded very nice indeed, I love this platform so much that I have almost dropped making my own blogging system, as was the original intention – WordPress basically works like a dream (can be a bitch to setup, when you go to the more advanced areas) and I am generally amazed and crazed about the technologies that the blogging communities has created or actively promoted (Technorati, Flickr, BlogLines, GeoURL, Podcasting (Audio Blogs), FeedBurner, Creative Commons, XML / RDF / RSS, and tons of other stuff!).

In total there are currently 444 posts by me, and 20 comments posted by readers, including my responses (not mentioning the hundreds of comment-spams I recieved while franticly trying to create and configure solid filters), so I’m guessing people aren’t too chatty and debateful while reading this blog, either that or nobody is reading it!! haha :)
Well, the actual fact is that I mostly post other folks posts, mainly from slashdot.org and other sources I visit for news and info about stuff that matters in any way or form. I will try to write more myself, but sometimes I sacrifice it in order to deliver more important news, since as I said before, my goal is to inform about stuff that happens out there, it has never been my goal to be a reporter, I see it more like a messenger of coolness, or info-filter of boredom and info-overload.

I have learned much in the past year, and I feel prepared to bring my log into another year of glory, and urge you all to contribute with comments, questions and what else you come with. I have planned to make a new WordPress Theme and ofcourse it will be dark purple with sparkling anim-gif stars all-over!!! ( Coz that’s what a real theme is about! :) ) Or maybe it will be mind-blowingly cool in other ways, wait and see, hopefully I will be friendly enough to publish it in the CodePit.

The existing theme originated from my first edition of this blog running Moveable Type, but I decided to look for a system which was licensed under a true open source, and which was not written in Perl which I have little experience with. Then I found WordPress and hacked my existing look into it, improving on it as I went along. Finally this spring WordPress 1.5 was released which featured a real “Theme System API”, which allows you to easily switch the complete look and feel of a WordPress site.

On the personal side, no radical changes this last year. I got a new job at Valtech in may, so I’m back from the mobile Internet business into the good old Desktop Internet business with big screen systems and mozilla/firefox/safari etc. to play/mess around with, working on some large corporate website portals, that I couldn’t possibly mention here, but it’s Java Enterprise and Web Standards based so I’m basically a happy man on planet earth.

If you actually (omg!) read this far, well congratulations, now post a comment full of ideas and praise! :)

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