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Finding warez using Google

A short controversial article that focus on using Google or other search engines to harvest chinese, russian and similar countries pirate sites. Since it’s pretty obvious that the software companies will have a harder time fighting those websites compared to those in EU or US and the like.

Learn a few token-strings from the language (download, cracked, english version, pro etc..) and you’re basically ready to go warez hunting across the borders.

(Of course this should not be attempted, ever – since it’s illegal, but it’s pretty interesting to surf on foreign sites and attempt to make sense of it all..)

Finding warez using Google

Google China

Google Russia

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  1. Xinoa Warez Forums Says:

    Not all warez communities are offshore, however many of them are. Warez can be found anymore, whether it is just one link, or a whole website dedicated to it. People enjoy sharing and helping others find what they need. Not everyone can pay for all the software, movies and games that they need!

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