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How to fit three bugs in 512 bytes of security code

Friday, August 12th, 2005

In order to lock out both copied games as well as homebrew software, including the GNU/Linux operating system, Microsoft built a chain of trust on the Xbox reaching from the hardware to the execution of game code, in order to avoid the infiltration of code that has not been authorized by Microsoft. The link between hardware and software in this chain of trust is the hidden “MCPX” boot ROM. The principles, the implementations and the security vulnerabilities of this 512 bytes ROM will be discussed in this article.

The Hidden Boot Code of the Xbox – Xbox-Linux

The Demo Scene – An introduction

Friday, August 12th, 2005

As an old demo group (GiGA Prod.) founder, organizer, main coder and 3D animator, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to introduce ya’ll to the wonderful Demo Scene, a sub-culture of the Warez Scene, where people strived to outperform each other in the fields of programming (coding), graphics (2D+3D) and music (sounds and tunes).

Scene Rep – About The Demo Scene

Scene Zine Monthly

Undercover Macintosh

Friday, August 12th, 2005

It has been confirmed that hardware protection in MacOS X for x86 processors (Intel, AMD etc..) has been broken.

To protect their brand and revenue Apple will attempt to make it impossible to run their OS on non apple machines, even though the comming Apple machines are more or less perfect IBM compatible PC’s. Now hackers have found ways to completely remove the software part of their new security system (TPM).

According to rumours it is said to run much faster on x86 than the original PowerPC Mac’s. Is it just me who suddenly wants a Xbox2?? Would be sweet running OSX… And talk about cheap!! Or a PS3 running the PowerPC/Cell version of OSX!!

It’s a true gem that Apple has created a ‘new machine’ which is in fact a PC gone undercover, almost hillarious! Especially the fact that they’re desperately trying to differentiate themselves from everyone else, by only allowing use of official Apple hardware! Hey Steve – this is not the console market!!