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Quick Test: Cantoo WebTest 2.0

I just did a quick test and brief evaluation of Cantoo WebTest – a free open source tool for automated testing of web applications. I found it pretty good and intuitive, and I think it has a rather mature feature set. Having made a similar test tool myself five years ago (based on IE proprietary methods) I felt quite at home, and found the xml format delightful. I would have liked some more features to select specific elements, especially support for unnamed elements, preferbly using XPath notation. It produces a nice report describing the test run, this uses xml/xslt so it’s pretty easy to change into your own report style, or just use the xml report directly from within an application. I am still unsure if the xml format allows for much dynamic in the script, such as if/else etc.. But there is supposedly better support for those things via the Groovy scripting interface, I will be doing more tests in near future as I attempt to build test suits while developing, I will also get to test it’s include functionality in depth, in order to facilitate fragment re-use.

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