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Open source hardware

Many years ago I had great visions of open source concept evolving into something much bigger, and leaving it’s software grassroots.. My own ideas are along the lines of Open Engine, Open Vehicle, Open Space Shuttle. I think that could be a serious boost to humanity in terms of getting things done in this super commercial world where everyone has their own interests closest, and standards seems to be more of a marketing thing than actual leverage for development and intergration.

Open source Daisy MP3 PlayerThose that have yet to wrap their head around the notion of open source hardware may want to mosey on over to the MAKE blog, which has put together a quick primer that attempts to clear things up for you and set you off on the right foot. Among other things, it sorts out the partially open source hardware like D-Link’s WRT54GL router from the truly open source gear like MAKE’s own Daisy MP3 player (pictured above), and provides a few suggestions to ensure that your own open source hardware creations remain as such. True to its nature, the primer is also admittedly a work in progress, so you know what to do if you see room for improvement.

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