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WarpXML — AJAX on Steroids


Send and recieve XML documents from the web client, via JavaScript (AJAX).

Introduction to AJAX

I started as a Web Developer in 1996, and quicky found the wonders of JavaScript, and has since been doing tons of stuff with it. When doing more complex stuff it has always been an issue of how to get the code to communicate between client and server, as well as between frames and what have you.. In the beginning we had to use hidden frames and iframes to send data back and forth, without reloading the main window. But one of the best features for doing that has only been widely used for 3-4 years in cross-browser enviroments (IE 5.0 introduced it). It’s the XMLHttpRequest API which allows the client to send and recieve XML documents thru ordinary HTTP GET & POST methods. The IO is handled asyncronously and uses events calls to inform the client of the status.

WarpXML – Next Generation

WarpXML 2.0 is my second generation API for taking care of business, leveraging the full potential from the AJAX technologies. I will try not to say too much about the stuff that is yet under development, so I won’t dissappoint you all if it fails to work :) But the main plan is to get the actual XMLHttpRequest implemented in something I call a WarpXML Channel, this is all working now.. But I also want to create a WarpXML Channel Manager which can handle all kind of stuff such as queing, error-handling, response-dispatching. And I’m also compiling a set of utility functions such as form2XML(), runtime XML Document creation tools and more.. While making the Channel API I also created a new EventLog API called WarpLog, which can be used on different levels to provide relevant user feedback under development as well as runtime, the logs can also be sent to the server thru a WarpXML Channel to centralized client log.

Note: There is currently no release here, please be patient I will try and release a beta soon, it will be working but might need testing, and no guarantees on the API not being changed. Bascially you will want to use the channel manager in the future, which will not be released quite yet, simply because I have yet to code it.

UPDATE: I hope to have a test version out by the end of Februrary 2006.
UPDATE 2: This project has been replaced by my JavaScript Web Toolkit currently in development, more info when it’s ready for public test and use.


  • Stable: 1.2 (12 Jun 2003).
  • Test: 2.0 alpha 1 (6 Aug 2005).


  • 2.0 – Aug 2005 – Reimplementation with sugar on top, motive is simplicity and power.
  • 1.2 – 12 Jun 2003 – Added extra verification to make sure it’s IE launching ActiveX stuff.
  • 1.1 – 01 Oct 2002 – Modified and extended for a better world, ie. better Mozilla implementation…
  • 1.0 – 2000 – Initial version (known as loadDataXML at the time).