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Interview: Billy West from Futurama

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

Billy West (voice of Fry in Futurama) has answered questions from his and the shows fans. This is good news everyone!! And let’s not forget the fact that a new season is in production (or be soon).

Interview: Project Matisse and NetBeans IDE 5.0

Monday, December 12th, 2005

Developing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) used to be a tricky part of Java technology programming. Although Java Foundation Classes/Swing (JFC/Swing) technology has been around for quite a while, designing professional-looking, cross-platform GUIs can be tedious and prone to error. All this has changed with NetBeans IDE 5.0 and Project Matisse.

Project Matisse solves the core problem of GUI creation by making the layout design of visual forms much easier. The project extends the NetBeans IDE 4.1 Form Editor to support a free design paradigm that exposes simple layout rules that are easy to understand and to use quickly.

NetBeans IDE software engineer Roman Strobl interviews Project Matisse creators Scott Violet and Tomas Pavek.

The Next Wave of GUIs: Project Matisse and NetBeans IDE 5.0

Kevin Mitnick interview with CNN

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

CNN recently conducted a telephone interview with Kevin Mitnick — famous hacker, security expert and the man who coined the term “Social Engineering“.

(CNN) — To many, the name Kevin Mitnick is synonymous with hacking, the cinematic sort where a snot-nosed kid thumbs his nose at authority. But, Mitnick says, the characterization is a bit overdone and the legend untrue, if not libelous.

It is true, he says, that he broke into corporate computer systems and stole source code to satisfy his curiosity, but he denies the stories that he hacked into NORAD — North American Aerospace Defense Command — or that he wiretapped the FBI.

Full story: CNN.com – A convicted hacker debunks some myths – Oct 7, 2005

Interview: Google Maps Creator

Friday, July 29th, 2005

“Addressing a crowd of developers in Sydney today, Google Maps creator Lars Rasmussen encouraged them to embrace bleeding edge technology in browser software. He cited the example of how Google Maps can command Internet Explorer to use VML (Vector Markup Language by Microsoft) to display a blue line between geographical points, but use a PNG graphic format and a linear description for the Firefox browser.”

From the article: “Firstly, the Web allows rapid deployment and there is no software for users to install. It’s also much easier to make sure code runs on multiple browsers compared with multiple operating systems like Mac OS X and Windows. The downside is that browsers don’t give programmers full access to a computer’s resources such as memory, process power and hard disk space. This is a bottleneck the engineer sees being removed in future, although he thinks the simplicity of the current Web browsing experience needs to be maintained.”

Take browsers to the limit: Google

Slashdot | Google Maps Creator Takes Browsers To The Limit

James Gosling on Java

Friday, July 1st, 2005

/. prostoalex writes “It’s been ten years since the official introduction of Java – a programming language combined with virtual machine and a class library. ZDNet published an interview with James Gosling, the creator of Java, who talks about the project’s past, present and future.”

* Slashdot | James Gosling on Java

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