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Star Destroyer Built Before Your Eyes

Tuesday, July 5th, 2005

hardcoredreamer writes These people spent 10 hours constructing their very own Imperial II-class Star Destroyer from LEGO and capturing over 7000 frames of the process with their webcam. The images were encoded with divx5 and are available to download in a 4 minute avi. mirror 1 , mirror 2 , mirror 3.”

* Slashdot | Star Destroyer Built Before Your Eyes

Ars’s Skeptical Take on Wired’s NextFest

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

/. jamestech writes “Over the weekend, Wired magazine held its ‘NextFest‘ in Chicago, a demonstration of what the future supposedly holds. Arstechnica‘s Hannibal visited NextFest, and was not impressed.

Regarding a dolphin-shaped water vehicle and exoskeletons for the old, he notes, ‘if you’re being pursued by a senior citizen then you can use the dolphin to escape.’ Wired’s been more about style rather than tech since the late 90s, but have they finally dropped science in favor of science fiction?”

* Slashdot | Ars’s Skeptical Take on Wired’s NextFest

Star Wars III – My Review

Thursday, May 19th, 2005

I have been a major Star Wars fan since I was about six years old, and I can tell you quite simply: It was worth the wait!
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is a magnificent ending on one of the greatest sagas of all time (including future). First I must emphasize the visuals in this movie WILL blow you away, it’s just ludicrous cool quality constantly and it is very hard to point a finger at just about any of the visuals. The sound is just as good as the first trilogy, although I must admit listening to the sweet music was not the top priority when seeing it the first time. Hayden (Anakin) does a really good job of turning evil, compared to his pretty vague performance in Episode II, you can easily tell that his skills have improved, but I’m sure his script has too!
Personally I think the ‘turning evil’ part happens a little to quick, but I guess the show must go on, this movie is just like going nuts in a candy store, sweet treats everywhere. Even though this is by far the most dark of the films, it’s quite possibly also the most laugh-inducing, being filled with small jokes and silly comments especially from our droid friends. The movie puts many things in perspective and you will be given a great deal of information that will combine the whole saga in to one mother of a force-tale…
I rate it at 9.8 out of 10, were it not for a few worrying details it would be perfect, but again nothing can be that perfect..? – Thanks Lucas, I owe you one!

A Tribute to Forgotten Heroes

Saturday, May 14th, 2005

I came across this cool list of “forgotten” heroes, I’m sure you know ’em all.. Enjoy the trip down memory lane..

“Okay, so nobody really forgot the Jawas. But until I see their name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I don’t believe these guys have gotten the respect they deserve.”

* #10 – Ree Yees
* #9 – Ugnaughts
* #8 – Momaw Nadow aka “Hammerhead”
* #7 – ‘F***ing’ Orrimaarko
* #6 – Imperial Dignitary
* #5 – Amanaman
* #4 – Yarna ‘d’al’ Gargan
* #3 – Jawas
* #2 – Nien Nunb
* #1 – Squid Head
* Special Achievement Award: Itchy

Also check out this hilarious tribute song to TK-421 – the most hapless, clumsy and put-upon Stormtrooper in the history of the Empire.
* The Sad Ballad of TK-421

* A Tribute to Forgotten Heroes – STARWARS.UGO.com

The Feasibility of Star Wars Tech

Thursday, May 12th, 2005

/. pwnage writes “Forbes Magazine, not usually the the web’s premiere source of all things geekish, has posted an interesting summary of Star Wars technology and its scientific feasibility. As a bonus, they also include a great set of Star Flops, including the infamous Jedi Arena Atari 2600 video ‘game.'”

/. comment: I realize we’re talking about Star Wars and not Star Trek, but in this vein, The Physics of Star Trek is one of my favorites. It’s written by Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist from Case Western Reserve University. Beyond Star Trek was another good one from him.

* Slashdot | The Feasibility of Star Wars Tech