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Vodafone acquires ZYB

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

My former employee ZYB has been acquired by Vodafone Group, this is certainly is nice to see that all the hard work is finally beginning to fall into place with time and space. I worked there for seven months during 2007 and helped turning ZYB into a Web 2.0 social thingy, basically crunch time from start to finish – but I guess in retrospect it was well worth it! – I also initially made The official ZYB blog, so obviously has to mention that on my blog! Go go ZYB and the wonderful ZYB Crew!

ZYB jumped on the blog wagon

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Woohoo it’s official we have a blog at ZYB, which is where I am working – Greatest service to hit your mobile ever!

It was created rather quick using the brilliant WordPress blog management system. I used an existing theme in order to cut dev time down (we are working on the new ZYB! – so not much time for all this blog fun!) and used a custom CSS to tweak it to our needs. – Hope you like it, it’s rather simple for now.. We will add more fancy stuff when the blog has grown up a bit.

If someone told you that ZYB didn’t have a blog, would you believe them? Well they were right until yesterday.

While other current internet start-up’s tend to set out with only a blog and a launch date (and then use the blog to announce postponements of the launch date), we started out by launching our free mobile backup service (and then got too busy to think about blogging).

But now we’re finally here, so let’s just get straight to the point. ZYB is changing!

Read the full first post at blog.zyb.com.